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  • Add Like a Pirate

    Get all the adding problems easy for your kid with this amazing “add with a pirate" video. Make your kid learn how to sum two numbers with the help of this video which starts with - When you add with a pirate, you will see that you are getting more for you and me. When you will add, you are getting a SUM! This amazing video is apt for kids who face mathematical problems tough to solve. So, watch it all and find it as a solution for all the summing problems. Hit the play button NOW!

  • Numbers Song

    Want to make your child learn numbers but struggling hard to make this happen? If yes, then let us help. Be along with us in this video and learn the smartest way to teach numbers to the toddlers. This number song will help them recognise and learn numbers easily. They will learn, get entertained, and be informed about numbers easily. So, hit the play button NOW and learn the new way to teach numbers.