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  • Crazy Toddler

    They're toddlers; they are pushing their limits and learning boundaries. They need discipline in order to learn. They're going to be crazy because they have to learn how to NOT be crazy and control themselves. Anytime I get overconfident in my mothering abilities, my son oh-so-kindly snaps me back to reality with the biggest tantrum of all time, so just accept and prepare for the disaster that will occur. When it doesn't, you'll feel freakin' amazing!

  • Potty Training

    Your child will eat like a horse. In fact, all they do is eat. All day long. “Snack, snack, snack." But you know what he doesn't want to eat? Breakfast. Lunch. And dinner. You can limit the snacks and they'll still doesn't wanna eat. And one day they'll love chicken and then the next day it's the most atrocious thing he's ever seen and OH MY GOSH MOM WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME EAT THAT? And if there's a green speck of whatever on it? But that's not all. They go on pooping any place they want. As a parent, therefore, it becomes necessary that you undertake potty training from the very onset.

  • Twin Babies Talking

    Essentially, twin talk is sort of like learning another language. Since the twins are together so often, they begin to identify words and both agree on an understanding of them. Then they will use them and expect the rest of the world to understand as well. In fact, twins often have a language of their own that is saved for those special toddler moments when they are playing well together. Twin talk also involves certain noises and grunts and can be compared to the way dogs or cats communicate with one another.

  • Baby Sign Language

    Do you know kids can understand things and stuffs around them in a unique sign language. If you are a parent who has a kid of less than 1 year old and you are assuming that your kid will start talking once he/she attains an appropriate age, you are wrong. This video will tell you that kids do understand sign languages, if taught, and can pick their meanings accordingly. Want to know how? Watch out the video and know yourself.

  • Shadows

    Kid reacting to his shadows. Watch out this video and see what the reactions are when this kid sees his shadow. At first he gets confused and then he screams and tries to chase it. What happens next is really funny. You need to watch out this video till the end and get some serious laughter. So get set ready and hit the play button given above.